Random Act(s) of Kindness

We are all familiar with “paying the toll for the car behind.” I live in a city where older people still genuinely mean the best when they nod or even say hello, but Cathy O’Grady and friends (as reported initially in Boston Magazine and later by The Good News Network) have taken random acts of kindness (318 of them!) to another level in honor of her late friend Chad. In one day, the two of them left dozens of blankets each with a note and a $5 gift card for the homeless, distributed 250 morale boosting “care bags” for nurses, planted 100 lottery tickets in hospital waiting rooms, handed out cookies, scattered 50 free subway rides, bought meals for three and coffee for five strangers, delivered 150 care packages to an adult care facility, and (my absolute favorite) left 60 quarters on gum ball machines for children to randomly enjoy…..