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Go Local: Support Your Natural Neighbors!

Our dealers below have made a substantial investment in local community providing access to a variety of goods and services that are often difficult to find. Please join us in supporting these great community assets.


Originate – Serving the Tucson Area


Northern CA Including San Francisco Bay Area: Please call 413.528.5443 with your location for potential referral

Los Angeles: Please call 413.528.5443 with your location for potential referral

New England

emberGreen llc – Serving NH, ME, and MA


Amicus Green Building Center – Serving the DC Metro area

New York

Pure Comforts-CarrieLynn Co. – Serving NY Tri-State area & Long Island

Green Conscience – Serving Saratoga Springs & the Capitol District


Healthy Abode – Serving Greater Tennessee


Green Design Center – Serving the Greater Milwaukee area

Economic studies show that spending locally keeps cash in communities, creates jobs, produces local taxes, saves time, money, and fuel building prosperity. Those same studies speak to the significant “multiplier effect” of a dollar spent locally and how it’s “re-invested” in the community over several business transactions. For every dollar spent locally, 45 cents is reinvested locally. For every dollar spent at a corporate chain or online, a mere 15 cents remain local.

Ready to Go?

For those outside a comfortable distance to a dealer, we have refined a process since 1999 that will insure a simplified, accurate, and personable purchasing experience beginning with these steps:

Earthshade Step 1

Measure your windows. Everything we do is based on window dimensions.

Earthshade Step 2

Consider goals including operation, performance, and aesthetics using this web catalog.

Earthshade Step 3

Call or email us for a free professional design consultation including pricing and everything in-between.

Earthshade Step 4

Experience our exclusive purity by receiving a couple free swatch samples.

Earthshade Step 5

Enjoy peace of mind with our custom contract placing your order into production.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

We provide ratings and/or measurements in an effort to encourage our customers to develop their own perspective. Factors including personal preference, design considerations, height and proximity of a window, orientation, light sources, color, texture, and mounting configurations may alter or define one’s personal viewpoint.  We sincerely look forward to assisting with additional information catered just for you.


Due to the nature of the material; color, grain, texture, and light transparency can vary according to the inherent qualities of the natural materials used. Additionally, technology limitations concerning computer hardware and software may alter the appearance of color, texture, and light transparency within this web catalog. We have made every effort to maintain the highest representations possible.

Patterns may not be suitable for customers with chemical sensitivities and/or allergies. Additional information may apply.

Orders are not processed without receipt of a signed, individualized contract. Orders are not shipped without payment in full. Payment is appreciated by check or money order. Credit card arrangements may incur an additional service charge.

Additional terms and or notes may apply. Due to the nature of “custom” all sales are final. No refunds.

Returns and Exchanges

Because our natural shades are hand-woven and custom made to your specifications for your windows, our shades are not returnable for any reason other than manufacture defect or warranty repairs. Please see warranty below. Because custom shade orders are processed quickly, we cannot allow cancellations or alterations once a signed contract is received.


In keeping with the standards of our industry, we offer the following warranty. For the life of the custom shade, we will repair without charge, any part of the shade manufactured by us which is defective in materials or workmanship. Any claim including those for damaged or incorrectly configured shades for the life of the shade(s) will be met with consideration for the lowest impact on the planet. Return for repair at our discretion is the original purchasers sole remedy available. This guarantee does NOT cover normal wear and tear including cords, improper installation, incidental or consequential damages, freight, labor, trip charges, service calls, or packing related to removal, transport, and or re-installation which may occur as a result of defects in materials or workmanship. Should portions of this warranty be void in a state the remainder will remain in effect. Original packaging is required for service, damage, or warranty claims.