I Have a Dream

In support since 1971

Born in 1971 but not too aware of lifes realities at least for a couple more years, I have been intuitively and heartfelt in support of all organisms of this world since the very beginning. Science and Religion along with growing up in one of the most diverse towns in the northeast inspired an inherent responsibility to not only support but participate in all walks of life. It is unfortunate that I have witnessed a consistent and seemingly methodical decline of basic rights often for select groups all through these 49 years. Todays world full of near unbelievable criminal acts, severe lack of respect, responsibility, compassion, and accountability; to name a few, inspire a whirlwind of personal emotion that includes shame.

You will read under the “About” tab that it was fourth grade where I discovered that the planet itself was in dire need of compassion and respect. Today I am ever more aware of this need but also aware of how particular groups of people on this planet share this need. The difference is that we have choice like never before.

Today and this day forward, you and I, and everyone else have the freedom of choice like no other species. As Americans this choice is unalienable and afforded to us as one of the few good deeds by what “they” call our “forefathers” in the often forgotten “Bill of Rights”.

My commitment and therefore this companies commitment remains as it has since the very beginning. We will work to support, but we will do it from our heart with respect, compassion, humility, and responsibility. Cruelty of any kind has no place in this heart nor society. Especially cruelty directed at particular groups from African Americans to Children at school.

I would like to remind myself first and others as well that cruelty comes in so many forms including words. Communication can inspire cooperation through common ground as an important step. Understanding, compassion, and forgiveness, lead to experience and compromise, which then may lead to progress; but none of this is even possible if it is not done without respect for ourselves and all around us, big or small, black, white, green or anything in between.

Dear Mr King, Mr. Floyd, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Jefferson, Ms, Rosser, Mr. Clark, Mr Jean, Mr Castille, Mr Sterling, Ms. Cusseaux, Mr. Gray, Ms. Fonville, Mr. Garner, Mr. Gurley, Ms. Nevarez, Mr. Rice, Mr. Brown, Ms. Andersen, Mr. R King, and the so many others; to your Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, and Fathers; I too have a dream…..I also have a promise; That I will also do what I can, including pushing myself to do more than I can…….