Dollars and Sense

In my lifetime I have witnessed the decline of the middle class, the growth in the size of people from over nutrition, and the decline in overall health and happiness despite attainment of the all important “American Dream”. Freedom of Speech has even taken on all new meanings as politics and capitalism reach unbelievable polarity. We have been at war “over there” for much of my life, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that clashes from holiday dinners to protests in the streets are on the rise. One has to wonder where do we go from here? When asked; Do you think there’s any chance there will be a revolution here in the United States? A violent one? A member of Resource Generation responds:

“This is something I’ve thought about a lot. I think if there were an attempt to have a violent revolution, that shit would get put down so hard and so fast. I think people know that. I think part of that is the colonial structures that we have embedded in our minds. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. I don’t want anyone to die. But people are getting hurt and are dying now. I think the average life expectancy of working class people is declining, as it’s getting longer for wealthy people. That’s a redistribution of not just wealth but of lifeof literal life force from the lower classes to the upper class. So I guess I would call this current moment a violent revolution.”