Happy Feet, Happy Family

“Criss-cross, Apple Sauce”

My new massage technique:

Watching the magnificence of my mother as a young “little stinker” (her words), taught me to marvel at the idea of a woman. Some 45 years later women as beings remain a universal force in nature that represents all the universe has to offer contained in a being of outstanding natural beauty. It is for this and so many others that the mother of my son is truly the most amazing person in the world to me.

Like the rest of us however there are things in this world she likes and those she doesnt! Massage for example is something that she not only enjoys (who doesn’t) but truly needs. There has always been a dichotomy however when it comes to her feet. Touch too lightly and suffer a mother’s wrath!! Touch Is a must indeed so the search for balance of effective gentleness remains paramount.

Over our twenty years together, such balance of course comes and goes like the ebb and flow of the ocean. We struck an epiphany this morning that I think needs to be shared! If you have ever rubbed someones feet you may have noticed that ones hand and anothers feet don’t exactly fit together in the perfect harmony that a truly great massage aspires to. Today I realized however that such harmony comes ever so closer if I simply alternate between rubbing the feet left hand to right foot/right hand to left foot with crossing the arms so that I could gently rub right hand to left foot/left hand to right foot! Sometimes it IS the simple things in life that can bring harmony, balance, and just the right amount of oohs and ahhhs!