Ok, PPE equipment is available form Earthshade!

Covid 19 PPE: Earthshade partnership pivots for People.

Essential people supplying Essential protection for Extraordinary People!

For twenty one years we have forged unique partnerships with people and planet as our primary focus. In a matter of days our incredible team pivoted shade manufacturing to Personal Protective Equipment including gowns and face shields for the amazing health care workers and volunteers on the front lines offering safety first as well as support for our inner city team.

Production time: Mere days to a couple weeks in most cases depending on quantities…

Earthshade PPE Thumb Gown

Personal Protective Gowns with innovative thumb holes provide a barrier from droplet and fluids alike while adding an additional safety zone at the challenging glove/wrist connection. One size fits most.

$2.95 each including shipping for quantities over 12

Earthshade Partner PPE Faceshield

Personal Face Shields remain a primary implement in the Protection toolbox for up close and personal health care providers maintaining a balance of performance and human connection often at times when it is needed the most.

Depending on the circumstances of use, these high quality, lightweight face shields featuring Poly Vinyl Chloride peripheral clear lens, Polyurethane foam comfort cushion, and plastic pinch lock with adjustable cord fastener may be able to be reused with proper care. One size fits most.

$6.95 each including shipping for quantities over 12

Please call 413.528.5443 or email info@earthshade.com with orders, questions, or interest in donating or sponsoring this effort.

NOTE: All sales are final, Costs reflect our interest to balance actual cost of production while providing community support with minimal profit and loss. This equipment is intended to be used in conjunction with other personal protective equipment as recommended by proper authorities and or labor representatives.

We recognize these material choices fall below our strict standard for sustainability. We look forward to opportunities in the future as we forge budding new relationships to inspire change in strict requirements towards regenerative choices. Our rich history in Hemps inherent natural fire retardance coupled with our knowledge of sound scientific concepts including Salts natural ability to deactivate viruses is merely a creative beginning….Please stay tuned!