Cooking experiment

Electric or gas? I have always found the banter concerning cooking with electric or gas confusing and usually based on opinion over science. After waiting and waiting for water to boil on a friend’s gas stove, I decided I could perform my own experiment! I used the exact same amount of cold tap water in the exact same pan on the 6″ electric coil on my own stove rated at 1200 watts which converts to 4,080 BTU’s. It took 5 minutes and 34 seconds for 4 cups of water to come to a rolling boil. I then went to my friend’s house with the pan, measuring cup, etc and performed the exact same procedure on their similarly sized gas fired cooktop rated at 5,000 BTU’s. The gas fired water took over 9 minutes! Higher BTU’s and more time equals more gas equals higher bills and larger footprint on the planet! I also observed that much of the heat (energy) being produced by the gas flame could be felt around the pot indicating that the pot was acting like a heat shield making it obvious that an electric stove directly conducts the energy through the pot connecting with the water more efficiently.